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Being Human US

US & non-UK fans of Being Human

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for non-UK fans of BBC's Being Human/SyFy remake
Being Human U.S. is a support group for American (and other non-UK) fans of BBC's Being Human (idea and user info lovingly borrowed from merlin_us), as well as the home of the Syfy/Space remake. This is the place to go for US meetups, late reaction posts, and resources you've missed by not living in the UK.

Not American? You're still welcome. UK people, you can update us on what we might be missing. People from other countries, you can share in our angst over not getting broadcast Being Human.

Since we will have a lot of friends-locked posts, we recommend that you join the community instead of just watching.

Use friends-lock when posting sensitive information. This includes meetup details and any posts asking other members where they live. Just use common sense about anything you wouldn't want non-members to see (see rules for friends-locked posts). We encourage you to join the community so that you don't miss out on friends-locked posts.

Put spoilers behind LJ cuts and give a spoiler warning. Since our members can't watch new Being Human episodes right away, details about new episodes are considered spoilers until one week after the episode has been broadcast on British TV.

Don't post fanwork. There are already plenty of communities for fanfics and icons. We don't want to clutter our members' friends lists.

Tag your posts. You can find a list of available tags here. If you don't find one that works for your post, use the "need new tag" tag, and put a suggestion for a new tag in bold at the bottom of your post. One of the mods will get back to you.

Keep the community looking nice. Use LJ cuts on long posts or posts with more than one embedded video. Don't change community settings such as default font and color, and don't turn off comments.

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